Best price at Saillant Hotels

Saillant Hotels guarantees the best available rate if you book online through In case you find a lower price online, we will match that price and offer you an additional 10% discount on it.

Please contact the hotel in question if you have found a lower rate. Our staff will verify if the other deal is still bookable online and if it is subject to the same booking conditions. Should the guarantee be valid, we will offer you the same rate as well as the 10% discount.


The best price guarantee will be granted if your claim meets the following conditions:

  • it concerns the same hotel
  • similar time of reservation
  • similar arrival and departure date
  • similar number of rooms
  • similar room type
  • similar number of persons
  • similar package contents
  • similar currency
  • similar reservation, cancellation and payment conditions 

The rates covered by the best price guarantee must be accessible to the general public and available for reservation. Excluded are:

  • group rates (group bookings)
  • corporate rates
  • tour operator rates
  • auction site rates
  • holiday package rates (e.g. rates including car rental and plane tickets)
  • rate variations caused by rounding numbers, fluctuations and/or differences in exchange rate

Saillant Hotels declines any responsibility regarding expenses that may arise from cancelling reservations with third parties, nor for mistakes in third parties’ published rates. Saillant Hotels reserves the right to modify or terminate the best price guarantee at any time without prior notice.